Established in 1997, we started business under the name Mobile Test. Performing Hearing and Vision testing on preschool children to satisfy Texas State Childcare Licensing requirements. Perceiving the need of many of our customers, we became affiliated with the American Heart Association and began teaching CPR / First-Aid. We have recently changed our name to Heart Rhythms CPR to more accurately reflect our core business. 

We take great pride in our classes. Our goal is a fast paced, fun, content filled, informative class that teaches you how to help people that are hurt. This is a very important skill when you consider the people we usually help are often the ones we care about most, simply because those are the people we spend the most time with! 

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Job Opportunities

Because of Covid-19 the "First Saturday" class has been cancelled until further notice. 

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Heart Rhythms CPR

CPR Instructor

We are always looking for good people to help us teach. 

Benefits: Good pay and flexible hours. The satisfaction, that with every class, you have the opportunity to teach people the ability to help those hurt and to save lives. Any day you can do that is a good one!

Requirements: Dependable, honest, conscientious, upbeat with a strong ability to teach. EMT/ Medical background a plus.   



"First Saturday of the Month" Class

We have a class every first Saturday of the month unless it falls on a major holiday weekend or, in the rare instance, schedules conflict. This group class consists of individuals and groups from around the Metroplex. Class length is 2 1/2 - 3 hours and the cost is $30.00 per person, payable by cash, check or card, at the time of the class. The location is Jeanette's Little Haven Enrichment Center, a preschool centrally located in Dallas on Walling St. If you would like to attend, please call 972-530-9337, leave your name, contact number and you are set to take the class.You will only get a call back if you request more information or there is an emergency that prevents us from doing the class. Please be on time. Because this is a certification class, if you arrive after critical content is started you can not be certified.