This is a great time in history to learn CPR. The procedures are easier than ever to learn, and our favorite, they are more effective!

Heart Rhythms, formerly known as Mobile Test, has been in business since 1997. We provide CPR / First-Aid, Shaken Baby, SIDS, Early Brain Development and Bloodborne Pathogen training in the DFW area. 


We travel to you and teach

class on location. We provide training for a wide variety of companies and individuals, including but not limited to, schools, heathcare providers, security personnel, construction companies and the fitness industry. If you need certification...we can do it.  

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Appearance of the Eyes:

Crossed eyes

Red eyes

Watering eyes

Encrusted eyes

Frequent sties

Behavior Indications of Possible Vision Difficulties:

Body rigidity while looking at distant objects

Shifting head forward or backward while looking at distant objects

Avoiding close work

Short attention span

Turning of head so as to use one eye only

Tilting head to one side

Placing head close to book or desk while reading or writing

Excessive blinking

Often rubbing eyes

Closing or covering one eye


Complaints Associated with Vision Difficulty:


Nausea or dizziness

Burning or itching of the eyes

Eyes blur when looking up from close work

Seeing objects double

Overly sensitive to light


Behavioral Signs:

Frequently asks to have things repeated

Turns one side of head toward speaker

Watches and concentrates on speaker’s lips

Is inattentive in classroom discussions

Makes unusual spelling errors or frequent mistakes in following directions

Tends to isolate self or may have discipline problem

Has a speech problem

Is not working up to apparent capacity

Has experienced academic failure following severe illness

Physical Symptoms:

Breathing through the mouth

Draining ears

Dizziness, ringing, buzzing, or roaring in the ears