American Heart Association

Continuing Education

​Hearing and Vision Testing

Heart Rhythms Training and Services

We are registered with the state of Texas as certified Hearing and Vision testers and provide testing required by Texas Childcare Licensing for preschool children. 
$20.00 per child, 10 child minimum. 

Other Services

CPR Healthcare Provider - $40.00

We come to your location.

Approximately 1.5 hours. Minimum 4 people or $160.00.

Bloodborne Pathogens - $10.00

1 hour class, minimum 10 people or $100.00

Shaken Baby, SIDS and Early Brain Development - $10.00 per person

1 hour class, minimum 10 people or $100.00.

CPR / First-Aid - American Heart Association - $30.00

We come to your location.

2.5-3 hour class. Minimum 5 people or $150.00. Please see our "Voucher Program" at the bottom of the page. 


Voucher Program

We understand you may not have the minimum number of people for the class. If this is the case we can come and do the class for the required minimum payment and we will give you vouchers to make up the difference. A voucher is good for someone paid for in class. They can be used anytime you have more than the 5 people or at our "First Saturday" class.

This is our way of protecting ourselves from the economics of small classes, at the same time giving you something for your money.